Pitch In Community Campaign

AGIC launches “Pitch In” Community Campaign

Through the Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC), Golf is gearing up to ensure that our elected representatives are doing their bit to support the game and its facilities at the local level. 

With the federal election well and truly underway, the AGIC have launched a campaign entitled Pitch In: Grow Community Golf (www.pitchinforgolf.com.au) which features stories about Golf participation and facilities in Australia, and outlines priority ‘shovel ready’ development projects that are calling for government support.

The Pitch In campaign is designed to improve the capability and sustainability of clubs and facilities; and making golf easier for all Australians to access, learn and play, and to raise awareness and interest in our community golf clubs, courses and the events that take place at them.

State and Federal governments can “pitch in” and help local communities through budget funding, existing infrastructure programs and election commitments where clubs, courses and driving ranges receiving funding help can upgrade their facilities and improve the amenity of their buildings and the surrounding environment.

Much of the urgent work needs to be carried out in regional areas, but some of Australia’s biggest cities also have courses that need help too.  Golf facilities are more than just places for playing golf. They are community hubs that include a place for weddings, birthdays, funeral wakes, family reunions, small business conferences and charitable events.  The buildings at our community golf courses are invariably not private, but a place for everybody to use and enjoy appropriately. 

Community golf projects like the ones found at Merbein in the Mallee, Palmerston City in the NT, Robe in SA and Riverside in Tassie – these are great places for Australians to use in so many ways. But they need help.  They need our elected representatives to Pitch In

Since the call to action by the AGIC for our federal government representatives to “Pitch In” for community golf, we have received media exposure through Sky News and SEN Radio, where Gavin Kirkman has been interviewed as Chair of AGIC, to talk about the projects in need of funding.

To find out more about the Pitch In campaign, head to www.pitchinforgolf.com.au, and if you have a facilities project that you would like to discuss opportunities for your course to get involved, please contact Mark Unwin at the ASTMA on (03) 9548 8600


About the Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC)

The Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC) was established in late 2006 to provide a forum to help unite the industry on agreed industry wide initiatives and in July 2009, the AGIC agreed to incorporate as an association. 

A current list of AGIC members is:
  • Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA)
  • Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG)
  • Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA)
  • Golf Australia (GA)
  • Golf Management Australia (GMA)
  • PGA of Australia (PGA)
  • Society of Australian Golf Course Architects (SAGCA)