2016 saw the Australian Turfgrass Conference staged at Melbourne’s Crown Complex.

It was great to welcome back keynote presenters Dr Frank Rossi, Ken Mangum, David Bancroft-Turner and Dr Fred Yelverton.  The plenary forum 'Recognising and dealing with stress in the workplace' is highly recommended with match (cricket) referee David Talalla opening the batting ahead of superintendents Phil Moylan and Phil Beal.

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On Demand Content Includes


  • Recognising and dealing with stress in the workplace - David Talalla, Phil Beal and Phil Moylan
  • Drugs in the workplace.  Your rights and obligations - Tim Greenall


  • Maximising turf stress tolerance - Dr Frank Rossi
  • Charisma, Conversations and Communication - Steve Herzberg

Sportsfields & Grounds 

  • Warm season ground conversion at Knox City Council - Niall Martin
  • Preparing surfaces for the Indian Super League - Greg Agnew

Jacobsen Workshop

  • Weed Control - Past, Present and Future (4 hrs) - Dr Fred Yelverton


  • Water Disassembled - Back to basics on understanding wate - Stan Kostka
  • Understanding Growing Degree Day calculations - Jyri Kaapro .
  • Biological and Sustainable Management Applications - Dave Warnaar, Peter Briscoe, Judah Rowe
  • Mights and mites, shoulds and should nots - Peter McMaugh and Don Loch

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