2014 saw a return of the Australian Turfgrass Conference to Queensland Gold Coast.

Keynote presenters included Pat Finlen from The Olympic Club, David Bancroft-Turner and Dr Karl Danneberger form Ohio State University. Local speakers included Dr Nick Malajczuk and 2014 DSA recipient John Neylan.

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On Demand Content Includes


  • Understanding Growing Degree Days - Dr Karl Danneberger
  • Planning update on staging the 2015 Cricket World Cup - Stephen Newport
  • Major Tournaments, Hosting the 2012 US Open - Pat Finlen


  • Reflections: A career in turf - John Neylan
  • WHS, Dealing with a workplace accident, learning on the run - Paul McLean and  Gavin Kirkman

Sportsfields & Grounds 

  • Adding Mycorrhizal fungi to improve plant performance - Dr Nick Malajczuk
  • Managing worplace politics rather than politics managing you - David Bancroft Turner

Jacobsen Workshops

  • Managing Turfgrass Under Environmental and Pest Stress (4.5 hrs) - Dr Karl Danneberger

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