AGCSA Claude Crockford Environmental Award

In these times of heightened environmental awareness and regulation, the AGCSA Claude Crockford Environmental Award, sponsored by Syngenta, takes on great significance. With golf courses now under increasing public and legislative scrutiny, environmental management and responsibility has become a primary concern for the modern day superintendent.

The man who this award is named after was a champion of the environment, and the legacy Claude Crockford left at Royal Melbourne Golf Club continues in this award which recognises excellence in golf course environmental management.

This award has become one of the most sought after at the annual presentation ceremony and always attracts a highly competitive field of nominees. Winning the AGCSA Claude Crockford Environmental Award provides a huge fillip for the superintendent and his or her crew, and is something that the entire club can take pride in.

The winner of the Claude Crockford award will be bestowed a bursary of $5000 that may be used toward further education or an AGCSA approved study tour.

Nominees for the AGCSA Claude Crockford Environmental Award must work within an organisation that employs a current AGCSA member. Nominations will be accepted from AGCSA members, club representatives, industry consultants and allied industry bodies.  All valid nominations will be judged individually by members of the AGCSA Board with input from independent industry experts as required.

In no less than 1000 words please detail how the nominee has displayed  a commitment to sustainable land management and the environment.. An accompanying dossier, portfolio or photographic presentation supporting the nomination should also be included. Please make sure nominations address all aspects of the judging criteria.

Judging Criteria

  • Demonstrate the commitment to the protection of the existing natural environment, environmental best practice and environmental stewardship.
  • Description of the current course/facility environs.
  • Description of the overall objective for environmental change.
  • Demonstrate the commitment to land management and sustainability.
  • Demonstrate the process being undertaken to protect native flora and fauna and the protection of environmentally-sensitive areas.
  • Engaging the community

The AGCSA accepts nominations for the Claude Crockford Award all year round and you can do this by filling out the nomination form below

Past Recipients
Peter Watts (Muirfield Golf Club, pictured)
2016: Andy Wood (Kauri Cliffs, NZ, pictured)
2015: Nick Kinley (Hartfield Country Club, WA)
2014: Not awarded
2013: NSW Golf Course Superintendents Association
2012: Steve Marsden, Cape Kidnappers, NZ
2011: Troy MacLaren, Kabi Organic Golf Course, QLD
2010: Jodie Grainger (Yering Meadows, VIC)
2009: Andrew Smith (Yamba Golf & Country Club, NSW)
2008: Kenton Boyd (Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club, NSW)
2007: Stuart Moore (Southport Golf Club, QLD)
2006: Peter Donkers (Long Reef Golf Club, NSW)
2005: Scott McKay (North Lakes Golf Club, QLD) and Ben Marshall (Club Pelican, QLD)
2004: David Warwick (Avondale Golf Club, NSW)
2003: Spiros Skaftouros (Growling Frog Golf Club, VIC) and Darren Watson (Horizons Golf Club, NSW)
2002: Jeff Austen (El Caballo, WA)
2001: Andrew Baker (Sanctuary Cove Golf Resort, QLD)
2000: Ben Tilley (Beerwah Golf Club, QLD)
1999: Mick Russell (Werribee Park Golf Club, VIC)
1998: Kevin Wellard (Nelson Bay Golf Club, NSW)
1997: Jon Penberthy (Gainsborough Greens Golf Club, QLD)
1996: Rodney Fenton (Queenscliff Golf Club, VIC)

Postal Address of Nominee
Postal Address of Employer

Either the proposer or the seconder MUST be a current golf course superintendent member of the AGCSA and will be contacted to confirm nomination


To complete this Nomination please answer the following questionnaire and attach the required files which demonstrate how the nominee has displayed a commitment to sustainable land management and the environment. These information and the attached document/s will be used to judge the award. Please include any further items of interest that will support and enhance the application.

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