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Essential Maintenance Statement for Sportsfields and Golf Courses during COVID-19 Restrictions

Monday 03, Aug 2020


Following our last update to Victorian members, the Association has recieved a number of calls and emails relating to the requirements covering essential maintenance for safety and upkeep of public and recreational spaces, reserves, parks, gardens, golf courses as noted in the exemption for Victorian workplaces. 

These essential maintenance and safety works include meeting environmental obligations, machinery and pest and disease management. 

For Members in Victoria that are required by State Government directions, or those members in other locations that have an interst in the development of essential turf management requirements, below are links to an Essential Maintenance Statement for both Golf Courses and Sportsfields & Grounds that can be utlised to determine individual requirements for determining essential maintance and turf management.

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association statement has been developed to ensure that an estimated AUD $5Billion worth of community sporting facilities and golf course infrastructure in Australia can be sustained, should Sports Turf Managers be enabled to continue to work, safely and securely during any publicly enforced lock out period.  

The continuation of essential maintenance in the sports turf management industry protects workers, jobs and secures facilities for the physical and mental wellbeing of millions of players who will resume play following the easement of social distancing rules. 

Our industry statement outlines those treatments and paractices considered essential for the safe maintenance a Golf Course and Sportsfield & Grounds facilities during government restrictions. 

Please note that it is accepted that turf facilities, sportsfields, golf courses, schools, bowling greens and other exist in many different forms, on many different soil types and in differing landscapes.  

Therefore this guidance may require adaptation to suit individual club needs, upkeep requirements and climate circumstances.


Essential Maintenance Statements


We will also be circulating to Victorian Members the updated advice for completion of COVIDSafe Plans for workplaces later this afternoon as required under State Government directions.