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Advocacy Video Highlights Superintendent at Kingston Heath, Hayden Mead

Monday 03, Aug 2020

In the latest Sports Turf Manager industry advocacy video, we feature Hayden Mead, Superintendent at Kingston Heath, host course of the 2020/2021 Australian Open.

As an integral part of the Sports Turf Management industry, this video highlights the many areas of responsibility Superintendents are entrusted with, including the maintenance, operation, preparation and management of the golf course.

Mead has been with Kingston Health for 8 years after taking over the top job in 2012, following his 7 year tenure as Superintendent at Spring Valley Golf Club.  In many ways a testament to developing a career and the opportunities that Sports Turf Management can provide, Mead started in the industry as an Apprentice at Spring Valley, and has been fortunate to undertake a range of course management education opportunities in various countries including Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, France, and tournament venues across the US and UK under his belt, aiding his preparation for the forthcoming (rescheduled date to be announced) Australian Open at Kingston Health.

"Turf Management is great career choice," says Mead when asked about the opportunities the turf industry has provided for him.  "There are so many different avenues and opportunities.  Whether it’s in golf or any of the other sports you can be involved in.  It’s a career that gives you so much satisfaction as you can see what you have produced on a daily basis.  It’s a worldwide industry that allows you to travel and work in so many locations around the world."

Together with the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner (OVSC), the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association has been working to highlight the critical work that Sports Turf Managers undertake and the value they contribute to the entire Sports & Recreation industry.  These advocacy videos highlight the benefits of choosing Sports Turf Management as a Trade career, the great work opportunities available, and illustrates the similarities in skills, commitment and passion shared across the industry and by all professional Sports Turf Managers. 

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