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AGCSATech geotechnical investigation

Thursday 11, Jun 2020


During a recent geotechnical survey, AGCSATech found a significant layer of black montmorillonite clay, not far below the surface of a bowling green, \which has a history of subsidence across one corner of the green.

Technically known as vertisols, these clay-based soils with high swelling, shrinkage and cracking tendencies are essential for producing top-class cricket wickets however, these highly reactive clay soils can be very problematic when it comes to their presence as a sub base on other fine turf surfaces, due to their tendency to swell and shrink as moisture levels change throughout the seasons.

Our geotechnical investigations were able to determine the extent of excavation required, prior to the installation of an engineered gravel raft with geotextile reinforcement, which will be installed as the sub base to support the natural turf bowling green profile on this problematic site, ensuring the green will perform as expected, long into the future.

Whether your undertaking a minor reconstruction or starting the process of a sports oval from a green field site, a thorough site investigation to determine the extent of your requirements is essential to ensure the success of the of the project long into the future. 


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