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ASTMA launches industry Certification Program for Sports Turf Managers

Thursday 14, May 2020

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association has launched a professional industry Certification Program for Sports Turf Managers, recognising leading turf manages and encouraging investment in education and continual professional development.

Australia’s turf managers are among the best in the world. The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA) is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality, recognition and professionalism of the industry, in addition to promoting the industry and professionals to the public, and supports this commitment through managing the turf industry certification programs that provide a quality benchmark for the industry.

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association Certification Program is aimed at encouraging Turf Managers to invest in their continued professional development, and recognise the value and skills of turf managers to the Australian Sports & Recreation industry. 

"We have seen the impact that these types of industry certification programs have had through our partners overseas, where the recognition of Certified Sports Turf Managers or Certified Golf Course Superintendents has elevated the profession immensely" said Australian Sports Turf Managers Association CEO Mark Unwin on the program launch. 

"Locally, we've been in touch with a number of industry peak-bodies similar to ours, and talked through their certification programs and the impact they've had not only on the industry, which has been profound in terms of recognition, but also on the members in lifting the general public awareness of the level of professionalism, education and value they provide.  We have worked for a number of months on tailoring a program specific to our industry, and I for one certainly think that by lifting the profile of Sports Turf Managers, and being able to demonstrate their commitment to continual professional development, that the awareness of the contribution that turf managers make can be appreciated at the level it should be"

Certified Sports Turf Manager (CSTM)

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association offers professional certification programs that enable sports turf managers to be recognised at the highest level of the industry, and their profession.

The Certified Sports Turf Manager (CSTM) designation is bestowed upon turf managers who complete thorough requirements, and continue to invest in their personal and professional development.  The CSTM designation is designed to be the most widely recognised industry standard, and the highest recognition that can be achieved by Sports Turf Managers and acknowledge as the leading Sports Turf professionals in the country.

Attainment of Certification provides Sports Turf Managers members with recognised certification, as well as elevating the Turf Management profession through demonstrating a Turf Managers commitment to education, personal development, environmental stewardship and continuing professional development.
All Certified Sports Turf Managers will be widely regarded as having attained the highest level of professional certification in the industry, achieving a minimum standard of continuous professional development and broadly recognised the best turf managers in the country.

Attaining Professional Certification allows the Turf Manager to utilise the post-nominal letters CSTM as an acknowledgement of their Certified Professional status, e.g.  John Citizen (CSTM)

Earning the status of Certified Sports Turf Manager involves a combination of formal education, experience in Turf Management and continuing professional education.  Through earning the designation of CSTM, a member demonstrates a personal commitment to education, professional development, environmental stewardship, and elevating the Sports Turf management profession.  It documents and validates a Turf professionals’ achievements and competencies to current and potential future employers.

Being a Certified Sports Turf Manager is a mark of leading professional competence. It indicates reliability in depth and quality of Turf Management performance, skill and knowledge and assists greatly in elevating the profession of Sports Turf Management.  To find out more, visit the Sports Turf Managers Certification Program page


About the Sports Turf Managers Certification Program

To achieve Certification (receive industry Certification and use the CSTM designation) a Sports Turf Manager must:

  • Be a Member of the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association, and:
  1. Meet Prior Learning and/or eligibility requirements through an appropriate level of employment or professional experience in Sports Turf Management to a minimum of 25 points of Prior Learning 
  2. Achieve a minimum of 70% result on the Sports Turf Manager Certification Assessment 


Maintaining Professional Certification

To maintain professional Certification (continue in Professional Development education program, maintain Certification and the use of the CSTM designation) a Turf Manager must:

  • Achieve a minimum of 25 Continual Professional Development (CPD) points over the duration of a 2 year cycle


What are Continual Professional Development (CPD) points?

Continual Professional Development (CPD) refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge, training and experience that Turf Managers gain formally, beyond any initial training. 

The objective of Continual Professional Development is to keep professional knowledge and skills current, develop and adapt careers and maintain status as a Certified Sports Turf Manager.  CPD is about behavioural and workplace capabilities as well as technical competence. The Continual Professional Development program helps members to develop their potential, while elevating the profession through knowledge and learning compliance processes. 
The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association encourages Turf Managers to embrace ongoing learning, continue industry support and engagement regularly reflect on their development gaps and needs, and plan their CPD activities and record outcomes. 

CPD points are a record of what education or training Turf Managers experience, learn and then apply as an active demonstration to their commitment as a Certified Sports Turf Management professional.  CPD points are available through undertaking professional activities, independent learning, and formal learning activities.

Continual learning points can be gained through the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association, through State Associations or from recognised Training providers, and Certified Sports Turf Managers must obtain a minimum of 25 CPD points throughout a 2-year cycle to highlight their commitment to learning and development.


How to Apply for the Sports Turf Managers Certification Program

Turf Managers seeking to complete the Sports Turf Managers Certification will be required to:

  • Complete the application form on the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association website outlining prior knowledge & experience requirements
  • Following prior knowledge and experience requirements review and acceptance by the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association, applicants will be provided details to access and undertake the Certification Assessment

Note the assessment is available to members following approval of prior learning requirements and payment of one-off $195 assessment Certification administration fee   

To find out more about the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association Certification Program, including eligibility, information relating to the industry assessment and professional development, visit the Sports Turf Managers Certification Program page


Sports Turf Managers Certification Program page