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Astma, E-Par Partner To Provide Free EHS Service For Members

Friday 03, Apr 2020

In an exciting development this week, the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association and e-par have partnered together to implement a free EHS (environment, health and safety) advice and assistance service to any ASTMA member, and members of aligned State Associations. 

The programme aims to empower and build resilience within the ASTMA community to resolve any EHS problems, free of charge.

ASTMA and state superintendent association members can access confidential and free EHS advice service sessions, to learn more about an EHS problem they are experiencing, or ask for expert advice relating to situations that they may be unclear on in order to ensure a responsible and safe outcome for their site.

These could range from risk assessments and hazard management, sustainability and best practice, environment and safety legislation, incidents and incident investigation, infrastructure training and EHS training.

Both ourselves and e-par share a mutual interest in working together to improve access to EHS advice and assistance services for sports turf managers," says ASTMA chief executive Mark Unwin. "Developing a free service for all association members, and free for members of each of our state associations, is a significant step forward.

At a time of great uncertainty for many in the industry, this approach supports a great deal of turf managers with free EHS assistance, focused on delivering valuable advice and guidance for those who may need further support”.  

To read more or access this FREE service for ASTMA and State Association members - Click Here


Access EHS Advice free for Members