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Australian golf clubs advised to close for play

Monday 30, Mar 2020


Late this afternoon, the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association has been informed by Golf Australia that golf clubs and facilities will be asked to close as a result of the stage three shutdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is Golf Australia’s recommendation that, based on the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday 29 March that limits outdoor gatherings to two persons or fewer, all golf clubs and facilities should close until further notice.

The Prime Minister stated that all Australians should stay at home except for:
•    Shopping for essentials
•    Medical purposes
•    Exercise
•    Work and education if you cannot work or learn remotely

While many play golf as a form of exercise, the Federal Government has not defined our sport as fitting within this category. This advice has already been supported by a number of state and territory governments.

To view Golf Australia’s announcement in full, please visit the Golf Australia website

The team at the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association will continue to focus on providing updates and communication for the industry as we work through continually changing information, advice and requirements across each State.

As mentioned late last week, recent efforts from the Association have been in co-ordination with State Associations, State and National Sporting Organisations and local bodies, directed toward advocacy for the continuation of turf management operations at sporting facilities.

This has been supported by tremendous efforts from individual members, Clubs, industry Trade Partners and many others, informing governments at all level of the potential impacts to and importance of our turf management industry. 

We would like to recognise the efforts from the team at Golf Australia and their aligned State Golf Associations alongside those from the GMA, PGA and many others, for their hard work in updating the industry in supporting advocacy at State and Federal levels.  

We maintain approach to both Federal and State governments to ensure that in the event of a further increase in restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, turf management staff are able to continue to access facilities to maintain the playing surfaces.  

Currently, there are no further restrictions on current turf management or course management operations as a result of today’s announcement from Golf Australia.


Australian golf clubs advised to close for play