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2019 Emirates Australian Open Course Update No.7

Thursday 14, Nov 2019

The circus officially arrived in town last week! Last Monday (6 November) all the structural gear for the members stand on the tennis courts up near the clubhouse arrived and was erected.

The grandstands around the golf course are also taking shape and the vibe around the place is really upbeat. The staff here now know that they are about to part of something pretty special – it’s all very real now!

With the TV towers sprouting up all over the tournament layout, the crew have continued to go about their cultural practices diligently and calmly. We have just completed the finals of our club championships and with Open preparation in full swing the place is glowing.  Here’s what we have been up to recently…

  • Continued dusting weekly, again going out at 750kg/ha. Superintendent Phil Beal wants to keep as much sand on the greens as we can right up to the tournament.
  • Green surrounds have had an application of bifenthrin, NFE and Solubal just to kick them on a little and for protection against any insects that may pop their heads up.
  • We have continued the preventative spray programmes on greens for Pythium spp. and any leaf and crown diseases, with the addition of some wetting agent.
  • Roughs have had a spray with a pre-emergent and the addition of some urea to try and get the Cynodon to grow a tad.
  • We have started walk-mowing the tees. The two guys charged with this task – James Carrington and Conor Burchall – are super keen on nailing them.
  • Our turf equipment technician Josh Cuch has been working tirelessly grinding the mowers and liaising with the companies to get the appropriate machines for the Open and fixing any little problem that may go wrong with the fleet.
  • The little jobs are again the focus, such as clearing of the drains which we do frequently, however, it’s these jobs that make the place stand out.