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AGCSA Restructures Membership

Sunday 04, Aug 2019

AGCSA Restructures Membership Categories

Last week, a letter was sent out to all AGCSA members regarding a recent review of the association’s membership structure. Each year the AGCSA evaluates its operations with the Board and as part of the latest review the existing membership structure was examined to ensure the association is in keeping with leading member association models.

Findings that were presented to the Board in May were that the AGCSA is currently operating a very complex structure with 12 different membership types, with even more complexity when state memberships are added.

It was also found that leading industry associations around the world were flattening their membership structures, offering uncomplicated membership types with clearly defined benefits.

As a result, a revised and simpler membership structure has been endorsed by the Board and will be applied for AGCSA memberships from August 2019 onward. The new membership structure will group together similar membership categories and benefits, and simplify the membership categories to join the AGCSA. This will be an automated update in our member management system, so there is nothing members need to do as part of this transition process.

The Transition to New Membership Categories

The new membership types effective from August 2019 are ‘Full Member’ and ‘Standard Member’.

Existing ‘Superintendent’, ‘Sportsturf Manager’ and ‘Assistant Superintendent’ memberships will be transitioned into the new category of ‘Full Member’.

Existing ‘Groundstaff’, ‘Consultant/Contractor’ and ‘Retired’ memberships will be transitioned into the new category of 'Standard Member'.

The following membership types are unaffected by the change – Trade Member, International, Apprentice (free of charge) and state memberships.

Members wanting further information, please refer to the email sent out earlier last week which outlines the membership structure review and category changes in more detail. Alternatively, you can visit the Membership section on the AGCSA website to view the new membership categories and associated benefits, or contact AGCSA membership coordinator Allison Jenkins on (03) 9548 8600 or email



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