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Arm End receives final approval

Friday 24, May 2019

Earlier today, Neil Crafter and Paul Mogford announced that the Arm End project, near Hobart Tasmania, has received the last of its required approvals, the final one being for the recycled water supply pipeline. As this approval has been received, Crafter Mogford Golf Strategies has announced that the project is now in start-up mode - at last after 10 years.

Next week the project begins in earnest, with the team travelling to Tasmania for a start-up meeting with the Arm End project board and plans are to commence construction by late Spring 2019.

The project is an exciting 18-hole public access course on a spectacular site for golf, designed as part of a wider Recreational and Public Access Reserve planned for the site located 40kms south of Hobart.

Arm End has actively involved the local community as they look to deliver an extensive walking, cycling, golfing, bird watching, fishing, nature and heritage interpretation location.

Aiming to be a world-class facility, Arm End public golf course will provide the ongoing support for environmental regeneration and protection programs; committed to delivering a stunning environmental outcome for all of Tasmania.

The project aims to become one of Tasmania’s most widely used and enjoyed areas of public landwith planning underway in relation to the environmental rehabilitation aspect of the project with the longer term plan to return the 116 hectre site to stunning native habitat for plants and animals.

More information on the Arm End project -

Artist impressions of the Arm End Project, Tasmania


Artist impressions of the Arm End Project, Tasmania

Photos courtesy of: Arm End Project ( and Crafter Mogford Golf Strategies (