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Updated Turf Management Templates

Tuesday 07, May 2019

As s service to members, the AGCSA provides HR and Management services to assist in improving management practices of Turf facilities, Superintendents and Sports Turf Management professionals.

The AGCSA HR and Management Service contains a range of information, guides and policy templates provided for Members covering areas such as detailed Operations Manuals for their course and maintenance requirements to improve environmental stewardship, course standards and increasing member/player satisfaction - to Club Management Policy Guides and Templates for members to download and update for their needs. 

The service is designed around working with the Superintendent and management to analyse, prioritise and make recommendations in regards to maintenance practices to improve course quality with the resources available. The service will provide the club a positive direction in which to focus maintenance practices.

Through using the templates and guides available, Sports Turf Managers will be able to clearly demonstrate to staff, Boards and Club Management a detailed approach to establishing workplace policies, the health & Safety of employees, and undertake audit of maintenance relating to the allocation of man hours and budget strategy so that both the Turf Manager can provide benchmarking, and work with management to make informed and measured decisions that will impact on the quality and condition of their facility.

A range of updated customisable resources is available for AGCSA Members to download, include their Company details and requirements under the following areas:

Position Description Templates


Staff Appraisal Templates

  • Position Description - Golf Course Superintendent

  • Position Description - Sports Turf Manager

  • Position Description - Assistant Superintendent

  • Foreman

  • Qualified Greenkeeper

  • Groundstaff

  • Apprentice Greenkeeper

  • Turf Technician / Golf Course Mechanic

  • Employment Agreement Template

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Course Manager / Superintendent

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Sports Turf Manager 

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Assistant Superintendent

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Foreman

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Qualified Greenkeeper

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Turf Technician / Golf Course Mechanic

  • Performance Appraisal Template - Course Maintenance Groundstaff




Course Operation Templates


Human Resources Management Policies Templates

  • Golf Course Operations Manual

  • Annual Golf Course Maintenance Program

  • Maintenance Program Costs Reporting

  • Stock and Application Costs Report

  • Water Budgets Report

  • Water Consumption Tracking Report

  • Irrigation & Water Quality Report

  • Hours to Task Allocation Report

  • Course Mowing Program Template

  • Bunker Audit Report

  • HSE - Incident Reporting Template

  • Hiring - Sample Positions Vacant Advertising Template

  • Sample Interview Questions - Greenskeeper / Groundstaff

  • Sample Interview Questions - Turf Equipment Technician

  • Code of Conduct Policy

  • MP3/Headphone Policy

  • Workplace Discrimination Policy





Course Management Reports & Templates


Workplace Policy Templates

  • Pin Placements

  • Pest Control Report

  • Field Testing & Tracking

  • Course Hardware Report

  • Corporate Event Checklist

  • Drug & Alcohol Policy

  • Environmental Management Policy

  • Work Health & Safety Policy

  • Hazardous Chemicals Policy

  • Risk Management Procedure

  • Emergency Shower & Eyewash Assessment

  • Code of Conduct Policy

  • MP3/Headphone Policy

  • Workplace Discrimination Policy

  • Mobile Phone & Technology Policy

  • Working Alone Policy



Click Here to Access the HR & Management Resources available to AGCSA Members 


If you are in need of a specific Policy template for your workplace to be developed, please contact the AGCSA to discuss your needs.