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Workplace Culture

Tuesday 15, Jan 2019

With the topic of creating a good culture a challenge in almost every workplace, the AGCSA asked HR expert Vicki Crowe from the PGA, to take us through the issue of workplace bullying and what to do if it rears its ugly head at your facility.

One of the biggest issues with understanding a person’s claim that they are being bullied is that it’s subjective,  often emotive, and some say linked to issues that occurred in childhood that have been triggered. Depending on your personality, what upsets you often doesn’t upset another person and it can be difficult to understand their perspective.

From the bullying investigations I have undertaken, wanting to control others appears to be a common theme with bullies. It can be tricky to know how to deal with bullies. Some experts say to stand up to them, others say ignore them. No matter which approach you take, dealing with bullies can be exhaustive, time-consuming and non-productive in the workplace. 

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) states that the action must be repeated and that the behaviour creates a risk to health and safety (this includes mental health). A one-off incident is not considered to be bullying. 

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