How To Apply for the Certification Program

In order to be eligible to undertake the Certification Program Assessment, Turf Managers must achieve a minimum of 20 points of Prior Education Knowledge and/or professional experience.  
The table below outlines components of Australian Sports Turf Managers Association recognised Prior Learning, where:

  • Formal Education is attributed an allocated level of points
  • Each year of Professional experience in the Sports Turf industry post Apprenticeship = 1 point
  • Prior employment history will be added together - for example: Employed for 7 years as Grounds Manager, 3 years as an Assistant Superintendent prior, 5 years as Greenkeeper prior to that: 7 + 3 + 5 = 15 points 


Apply Now

Apply now for the Sports Turf Manager Industry Certification Program by completing the form below outlining Knowledge & Experience Requirements



After submitting the Knowledge & Experience Requirements, you will be contacted by a member of the Assocaition to let you know that the application has been accepted or declined. 

If Knowledge & Experience Requirements are met, the next step is to undertake the industry Certification Assessment, details of which will be sent to you following assessment of prior learning. 


Sports Turf Manager Certification Program - The Process

  1.   Complete the application form outlining prior knowledge & experience requirements
  2.   Undertake the industry Certification Assessment
  3.   If minium 70% pass mark is acheived in Certification Assessment, notification including a Certificate of Attainment will be sent to the Sports Turf  Manager