How the AAP works

The AGCSA Board has determined that the term 'Continuing Education Points' (CEP) will be used to describe the unit of measure by which AGCSA Accreditation is awarded and maintained.  Under the revised AAP there are no varying category of points.  Points will be awarded and accrued as they are earned.

Points can be earned through attending the Australian Turfgrass Conference, sanctioned education days and formal TAFE courses.  Further CEP can be collected by attending education days and workshops hosted by the various turf related or state associations or at sanctioned industry trade days.  Members who gain education at tertiary institutions, hold multiple association memberships, conduct research or trials, pulbish papers or articles, give professional presentations or deliver sessional teaching are also eligible to apply for additional CEP.


Where an educational event or initiative is organised by the AGCSA, CEP will automatically added to the AAP Members file. If an event/course is run by a third party either the AAP member or the event host will need to provide the AGCSA with sufficient evidence of attendance and that the course/event was of an appropriate standard before the AGCSA will award CEP to attendees.  Organisers of seminars, courses and trade days can apply to the AGCSA for accreditation status prior to their event.  This will enable the event to be marketed as an AGCSA accredited event meaning AAP members will only have to provide proof of attendance.


  • Members of the AAP will be advised of their accreditation renewal status annually when membership subscriptions are issued or anytime upon request.
  • Members of the AAP will receive attendance cerificates continuing education points are earned at AGCSA organised events.
  • Failure to earn 30 CEP over a two year period will result in the cancellation of an AAP members accredited status.
  • AAP members are asked to put in writing any objections of disputes they may have regarding their allocation of points.
  • A member can apply to have his/her status put “on hold” for medical or other personal reasons.

Course Credit Values

The Course Credit Chart outlines various eligible accredited activities, their point values and limits.

AGCSA Partner Recognition Program