Higher Education - Cert IV and Diploma

The Diploma of Sports Turf Management provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to work as an assistant or manager in turf-related businesses or local council settings. The Diploma of Sports Turf Management is recommended for those who have considerable turf industry experience and are looking to further their career.  The programme should only be undertaken by those currently employed in Turf Management and have completed the Certificate III in Sports Turf Management or Horticulture (Turf).

Specifically designed for professionals aiming to further their career, the program will develop your ability to not only manage a golf course or sportsturf facility, but also to manage individuals in the workplace and to develop or review management practices. Assessment tasks that incorporate on-site relevant projects that combine work and study result in skills and knowledge that are immediately transferable to the workplace.


AHC40812 - Certificate IV in Sports Turf Management
      completion of 5 core units and 7 elective units

AHC51010 - Diploma of Sports Turf Management
  completion of 4 core units and 6 elective units

Core Core 
AHCPCM402ADevelop a soil health and plant nutrition programAHCCHM501ADevelop and manage a chemical use strategy
AHCIRG408ASchedule irrigationsAHCPCM501ADiagnose plant health problems
ACHTRF401ADevelop a sports turf maintenance programAHCSOL501AMonitor and manage soils for production
AHCTRF402APlan and implement sports turf renovationAHCTRF501APlan the establishment of sports turf playing surfaces
AHCWRK511ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability  
a minimum of 5 units must come from the below electives lista minimum of 4 units must come from the below electives list
Elective Elective 
AHCBUS402ACost a projectAHCBUS501AManage staff
AHCCHM401AMinimise risks in the use of chemicalsAHCBUS508APrepare and monitor budgets and financial reports
AHCCHM402APlan and implement a chemical use programAHCDRG501ADesign drainage systems
AHCIRG407ASupervise on-site irrigation installation and construction workAHCIRG502ADesign irrigation system maintenance and monitoring programs
AHCMOM402ASupervise maintenance of property machinery and equipmentAHCLSC502AManage landscape projects
AHCOHS401AMaintain Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) processesAHCMOM501AManage machinery and equipment
AHCPMG408AAssess and monitor weed, pest and/or disease control programsAHCOHS501AManage Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) processes
AHCPCM401ARecommend plants and cultural practicesAHCPMG504ADevelop a system for monitoring the pest management strategy
AHCSOL401ASample soils and interpret resultsAHCPCM601ADevelop and implement a plant health management strategy
AHCWRK403ASupervise work routines and staff performanceAHCTRF502AManage sports turf renovation programs
  AHCTRF503ADevelop sports turf management programs
  AHCTRF504AManage sports turf facilities
  AHCWRK505AManage trial and/or research material
  BSBHRM506AManage recruitment, selection and induction processes
  SRXGOV004BWork effectively with the Board of an organisation









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