Sports Turf Managers Industry Certification Program

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association has launched a professional industry Certification Program for Sports Turf Managers.
Australia’s turf managers are among the best in the world. The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA) is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality, recognition and professionalism of the industry, in addition to promoting the industry and professionals to the public, and supports this commitment through managing the turf industry certification programs that provide a quality benchmark for the industry.

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association Certification Program is aimed at encouraging Turf Managers to invest in their continued professional development, and recognise the value and skills of turf managers to the Australian Sports & Recreation industry. 


Certified Sports Turf Manager

The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association offers professional certification programs that enable sports turf managers to be recognised at the highest level of the industry, and their profession.

The Certified Sports Turf Manager (CSTM) designation is bestowed upon turf managers who complete thorough requirements, and continue to invest in their personal and professional development.  The CSTM designation is designed to be the most widely recognised industry standard, and the highest recognition that can be achieved by Sports Turf Managers and acknowledge as the leading Sports Turf professionals in the country.

Attainment of Certification provides Sports Turf Managers members with recognised certification, as well as elevating the Turf Management profession through demonstrating a Turf Managers commitment to education, personal development, environmental stewardship and continuing professional development.

All Certified Sports Turf Managers will be widely regarded as having attained the highest level of professional certification in the industry, achieving a minimum standard of continuous professional development and broadly recognised the best turf managers in the country.

Attaining Professional Certification allows the Turf Manager to utilise the post-nominal letters CSTM as an acknowledgement of their Certified Professional status, e.g. John Citizen (CSTM)

Earning the status of Certified Sports Turf Manager involves a combination of formal education, experience in Turf Management and continuing professional education.  Through earning the designation of CSTM, a member demonstrates a personal commitment to education, professional development, environmental stewardship, and elevating the Sports Turf management profession.  It documents and validates a Turf professionals’ achievements and competencies to current and potential future employers.

Being a Certified Sports Turf Manager is a mark of leading professional competence. It indicates reliability in depth and quality of Turf Management performance, skill and knowledge and assists greatly in elevating the profession of Sports Turf Management.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Sports Turf Manager? Further details on the Program are available here: