ASTMA Distinguished Service Award

Australian Sports Turf Managers Association 

Distinguished Service Award




The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association  Distinguished Service Award is bestowed by the Association Board and recognises an individual who has left an indelible mark on the Australian Sports Turf Management profession.

Be it through their excellence in greenkeeping / sportsfield curating over a long period, their prowess at research, their contribution to education, or their strident representation of industry needs, the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association Distinguished Service Award recognises someone who has made that extra effort and for whom the industry owes a great deal of gratitude.

Nominations will be accepted for this category from within the golf and greater turf industry.

New nominees will be vetted by the ASTMA Board will then vote to have them added to the Distinguished Service Award register.

To nominate, fill in the Award Nomination Form explaining how the nominee has left an indelible mark on the turf management industry. Please refer to the individual's area of expertise, detailing their contribution to the Australian golf/turf industry.


Past Recipients
2018: Not Awarded
2017: Not Awarded
2016: Euan Laird (pictured)
2015: Not Awarded
2014: John Neylan
2013: Not Awarded
2012: John Odell
2011: Frank Dempsey and Phil Ford
2010: Les Burdett
2009: Peter Frewin
2008: Barry Cox
2007: Reg McLaren
2006: Norm Ashlin
2005: Peter Brown
2004 Posthumous: Claude Crockford, George Rüb, Rupert ‘Rube’ Walkerden, Mick and Vernon Morcom
2004: Ray Keane
2003: Dene Goldsack
2002: Doug Robinson and Peter Sawyer
2001: Peter Martin
2000: Peter McMaugh
1999: Neil Adams
1998: Vince Church
1997: Bill Powell



Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form