Consultancy Services

In addition to the analytical services, AGCSATech offers an independent advisory service that encourages a proactive approach to turf management. Our key consultancy package is the detailed site inspection that provides a more objective and analytical means of assessment. The site inspection will involve either a full or half day on site including an objective analysis of selected turf areas for;

  • Infiltration rate
  • Surface hardness
  • Green speed
  • Thatch depth
  • Root health
  • % Weed species

This information will provide a useful benchmark analysis of the turf area and over time will allow you to monitor the impact of your maintenance practices. We believe that this will provide a very important management-planning tool.

AGCSATech is also available to undertake problem solving consultancies, prepare specifications and provide project management where required. Contact AGCSATech environmental agronomist Bruce Macphee on (03) 9548 8600 or email to discuss your requirements.

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