2015 Strategic Plan Review

As AGCSA members have been advised over the past six months, the AGCSA Board has engaged Jeff Blunden from Golf Business Advisory Services (GBAS) to assist in the development of a new Strategic Plan for the association. With Jeff's extensive background and knowledge of the industy, the AGCSA Board felt it was vitally important to have an independent person look at the association’s activities and the end result is now a draft plan which the AGCSA feels will keep it not only relevant but forward moving in the fast changing world in which we live.

The draft plan is the outcome of a process that began some six months ago with an analysis of the AGCSA's financial performance and delivery of a member survey. Collated results from these pieces of work coupled with previous surveys were used to facilitate AGCSA Board and staff workshops. Direct member feedback from both practitioners and trade at the Hunter Valley conference in June 2015 also helped to further 'paint the picture'. From this process an original draft was prepared and presented to the AGCSA Board and staff where, after much discussion, some additional fine-tuning took place. The final draft was then considered by the AGCSA Board and following this process we are now at the point to circulate the draft to the membership.

Of the process Jeff said: “I reiterated to the AGCSA Board throughout the review process that with almost any information required now readily available from multiple sources and connections outside of direct membership, the association’s role moving forward needs to change. This plan better positions the AGCSA, via its goals and proposed actions, to provide industry leadership and to assist its members achieve career success in the modern day turf management environment.”

It is now over to you, the members, to have your input regarding the plan.

The tyranny of distance means that personalised workshops are not feasible so the AGCSA Board encourages you to read the plan and respond via email to AGCSA chief executive Peter Frewin no later than Friday 20 November. The plan is quite self explanatory and there is some background information provided in the final draft to assist members formulating their opinions. It should be noted that the Board is not trying to sell this plan to the membership in its current form; we genuinely seek your feedback and input so that your association is certain to remain relevant in the business of golf in the years ahead.

Intentional outcomes come from intentional actions, intentional planning and intentional vision. Strategic planning isn’t a one-time event. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it activity.

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